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Baileigh Horizontal Press Benders


Horizontal Bending Press Machines

A Baileigh horizontal press brake is the perfect complement to any fabrication shop where traditional press brakes are used.  The advantage that these machines have is that for smaller pieces the part lays flat on the bend table so the part is always square during the bend process.  Try bending a 1-1/2 inch wide part by 4 feet long perpendicular in a traditional machine, it is almost impossible to make it truly square and your tying up a large machine that should be used for larger parts.  Thus, the bending press is perfect for any part up to about 1 foot wide by whatever length.

Our horizontal bending press versions are NC (numerically controlled) and can hold up to 99 programs with up to 10 bends per program.  These models come standard with one set of single-vee tooling, NC controller, manual back gauge, and dialed pressure regulators. 

A horizontal press brake by Baileigh Industrial will save any fabrication shop tons of lost profit by introducing a better way to bend those smaller run and sized items.   They can be tooled to bend many other items as well and can be considered a universal bender.  Every facility that has a brake press should have a horizontal press brake, period.  Please call a Baileigh engineer for further details



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