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Ring Roller Machines

Baileigh has a fantastic ring roller line that consists of manual roll benders as well as motorized direct drive machines with manual control of the top roll. We offer the proper angle roll for the specific application at hand.

The R-M3 ring roller is a well built unit capable of rolling up to 1” flat bar with a thickness of .187” as tight as 3” OD (outside diameter). This tube roller machine is great for the metal artist, educational institution, metal enthusiast. This manual roll bender can be bench or pedestal mounted.

The R-M10 angle roll bender comes with a heavy cast iron head mounted on a sturdy cabinet that can be anchored to your shop floor. This roll bender machine is powered by manually cranking the two bottom rolls that drive the section, tube or pipe between the three rolls. The top roll position is manually controlled by the operator. Its position has a scale for repeatable bends. This is a great tube roller for coiling hoops or angle iron. This is roll ring roller is perfect for metal artists and educational institutions.

The R-M40 is an electric driven tube roller that powers the two bottom rolls via a powerful direct drive system. The top roll descends manually via an operator crank handle. The position is indicated via pointer and scale that allows for repeatable bends. This roll bender has an inverter drive that allows for overload protection and offers variable speed as standard. The head on this angle roll can be tipped back if horizontal bending is required. This tube roller requires 220V, single phase power.

The R-M55 tube roller has a 2” Schedule 40 pipe capacity and is also capable of rolling sections of bar, plate, and angle iron. This roll bender uses 220 volts of single phase to power the industrial grade motor that is tied to a heavy direct drive transmission. This is a variable speed bending machine that has an inverter drive for overload protection. This ring roller can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position. A handy foot control pedestal is used to engage the machine in a forward or reverse direction. The manual adjustment of the top roll position is indicated by scale and pointer for repeatable bends.

Besides this angle roll line we also offer powered single pinch machines with hydraulic adjustment of the top roll, as well as large capacity double pinch angle and tube roller machines. To find out more details on any roll bender, please click on the ring roller machines of your interest or call your Baileigh Industrial representative.


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