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Baileigh T-22 Standard Press Brake

Model T-22

This series consists of one model only, the T-22 horizontal press brake. Its special structure makes it ideal for press bending, bending, punching, and cutting of all types of section bars, flat bars, and tubes. The positioning of the cylinder under the workbench allows freedom of action for any type of operation on the workbench, and the controls set at the front of the machine give the operator a high degree of control over the working area during the operating phases.

Our horizontal press brakes have the following features:  1.) Most tonnage for dollar invested; 2.) Cylinder under work table allowing for better accuracy and more work surface; 3) User performs operation in front of the machine instead of the side of the machine making it easier to produce quality products, and frontal position on our press brakes is protected and practical position for the operator;  4.) The T-22 horizontal bending press uses two hand wheel for adjusting stroke in and stroke out, making the T-22 one of the simplest horizontal press brakes to operate, meaning more profit dollars to be produced.
The standard series is comprised of the T-22 horizontal press brake which stands for 22 metric tons of power (or 25 imperial tons).  Twenty-five tons is the proper tonnage for approximately 50 % of all horizontal press brake applications out there.  If your spending the money on a horizontal press brake the operator should start with a machine no lower than 25 tons if they want to capitalize on a greater amount of profitable work that can be shifted to the machine.  The T-22 employs our unique cylinder under the table allowing for the perfect flat open work table environment that will bring more profit to the end user.  This series is a simple series where the operator controls the stroke in and the stroke back by two hand wheels.  Simplicity means profit.

The workbench is manufactured in tempered and ground steel, the carriage runs on double guides with dust scraper and forced lubrication. The mobile pin moves at two speeds and the stroke is adjusted via a high precision electrical limit switch.  Lubrication system on the T-22 horizontal press brake allows for years of operation.  To find out more about the T-22 horizontal bend press, please call for a video and brochure.

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Workbench Dimensions 630x1100
Max operating pressure 22 T
Carriage Stroke 200 mm
Carriage Speed 1750 mm
Press bending capacity 120x15
Tool Holding Pins  
Height 120
Diameter 55
Hydraulic Power Unit 45
Power 240V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Horizontal Bending Press Dim -mm(w x l x h) 630x1150x1050
Weight (Kg) 630

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