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Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryers

 CPX refrigerated dryers  CPXHT High temp refrigerated dryers
 CPX Refrigerated Dryers  CPXHT High Temp Refrigerated Dryers


CPX10 CPX10 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 10 115/60 UL
CPX20 CPX20 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 20 115/60 UL
CPX30 CPX30 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 30 115/60 UL
CPX40 CPX40 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 40 115/60 UL
CPX60 CPX60 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 60 115/60 UL
CPX80 CPX80 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 80 115/60 UL
CPX100 CPX100 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 100 115/60 UL
CPX125 CPX 125 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 125 115/60 UL
CPX150 CPX 150 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 150 115/60 UL
CPX180 CPX 180 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX 180 115/60 UL
CPXHT High Tempertaure Air Dryer
CPXHT25 CPXHT25 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX High Tempertaure 25 115/60 UL
CPXHT50 CPXHT50 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX High Tempertaure 50 115/60 UL
CPXHT75 CPXHT75 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX High Tempertaure 75 115/60 UL
CPXHT100 CPXHT100 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX High Tempertaure 100 115/60 UL
CPXHT125 CPXHT125 - Chicago Pneumatic Air Dryer CPX High Tempertaure 125 115/60 UL


CPX Refrigerated Air Dryers
The CPX Refrigerated Air Dryers For All Applications
Sized to handle 12 to 2966 cfm, the CPX dryers fit any application. Extremely quiet and reliable, CPX dryers deliver dry air with minimal pressure drop. These dryers are machines designed for treating compressed air. By using the refrigerant characteristics of certain fluid, these dryers lower the temperature of the compressed air, causing water vapor to condense and discharge prior to it entering any distribution system.

Compressed Air Water Contamination
Atmospheric air contains water in vapor form in different volumes according to the ambient conditions. Under compression, this water is drawn in along with the air. After compression, the air and water are then discharged to the distribution system, with some of the water content normally being removed by a compressed air aftercooler and then discharged.
However, a large proportion of the water vapor content remains in the compressed air, moving in the pipe distribution system as the air is consumed.

air line Compressed air may undergo further cooling in the piping, as a result of ambient temperature and/or due to expansion, resulting in liquid water lying in the pipe distribution system, receivers and pneumatic equipment.
air line As time passes, the condensate can cause serious damage to pipes and applications, resulting in production downtime and higher maintenance costs. During processes, where compressed air comes into contact with the final product, it can even damage the product itself.

Water Contamination Risks

Corrosion in the network:

  • Increasing pressure drop due to deterioration of the air network with increasing pipe scale and rust. Damage to joints will cause air leaks, significantly increasing the cost of plant production.

Malfunction of the pneumatic equipment:

  • Excess water will lead to malfunctioning of equipment and instrumentation, a reduction of component life and an increase in production losses and manufacturing costs.

Product contamination:

  • The efficiency of the production process can reduce product spoilage caused by product contamination; fitting moisture separators improves air quality. During painting, condensate causes imperfections on the finished product creating future corrosion areas. In pharmaceutical and electronic applications, condensate product contamination can be harmful and/or extremely expensive.

Water Contamination Risks

CPX Preformance Specificatons
Model cfm at
100 psig
LxWxH (in) Refrig Noise
CPX-10 12 232 15/230/60/1 42 14 20 18 R-134a 50
CPX-20 21 232 15/230/60/1 42 14 20 18 R-134a 50
CPX-30 30 232 15/230/60/1 44 14 20 18 R-134a 47
CPX-40 43 232 15/230/60/1 55 14 20 18 R-134a 53
CPX-60 65 232 15/230/60/1 60 14 20 18 R-134a 53
CPX-80 83 232 15/230/60/1 97 15 20 30 R-404A 57

PDP (Pressure Dew Point) lndicator

PDP (Pressure Dew Point) lndicator

CPXHT - High Temp Dryers
The CPXHT dryers are a perfect complement to the RCP line of reciprocating air compressors. With a maximum inlet temperature of 180 ËšF, no aftercooler is required.

The CPXHT dryers are easy to install and have a compact design. Supplied with 115 Volt power means no special wiring is required and the space saving design incorporates refrigerated air dryer, moisture separator, and electronic water drain.

Standard Features:

  • Equipped with stainless steel/copper heat exchanger
  • Eliminates water, oil and dirt from air systems
  • Prevents damage to tools and cylinders, adding to their longevity
  • Fewer finished product defects
  • Prevents “fisheye” paint splotches
  • Reduces operational downtime
  • Increases profitability and productivity
  • Eliminates air line purging
  • Compact design for small footprint
  • Quality components for efficient cooling
  • Internal layout and enclosure allow for quiet operation
automotive shop
No Air Loss Condensate Drain
No Air Loss Condensate Drain

All models are equipped with a smart condensate discharger. Carefully sized for each model,
it assures exceptional reliability and efficiency in discharging water, without compressed air.
In case of malfunction, an alarm signal is displayed.

  • It discharges only water, NOT compressed air.
  • Silent, eliminating noise pollution.
  • Comes with standard 1 year warranty.
CPX Preformance Specificatons
Model 50ËšF PDP
cfm at 100 psig
Refrig. Weight
LxWxH (in) Conn.
CPXHT-25 25 5 and 7.5 hp 115/1/60 1/4 SS/Copper 232 R-134a 57 14 15 18 3/4
CPXHT-50 50 10-15 hp 115/1/60 1/4 SS/Copper 232 R-404A 108 18 23 31 1
CPXHT-75 75 20 hp 115/1/60 1/2 SS/Copper 232 R-404A 168 18 23 31 3/4
CPXHT-100 100 25 hp 115/1/60 3/4 SS/Copper 232 R-404A 231 18 23 41 3/4
CPXHT-125 125 30 hp 115/1/60 3/4 SS/Copper 232 R-404A 236 18 23 41 3/4



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