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Benner Nawman BNGS710 Gas Cut-Off Saw

Two piston rings are better than one. Our saws have two piston rings which make it more efficient and extends the life of the engine. Competitors like the Makita only have one ring. Our tool has chrome coated cylinders much like the ones you would find in a high performance race car.

The coating reduces friction and wind resistance so more air is drawn into the combustion chamber, which results in better fuel mixture, more power, and longer engine life. The carburetor in this tool is the same model used in Husqvarna and Stihl saws.

The patented air duct system has angled fan blades on the flywheel that dramatically increases the air flow over the cylinder increasing power and efficiency. The saw has a three stage (foam and fiber) air filter to thoroughly remove even the smallest dust particles. The Saw is both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & California Air Quality Resource Board (CARB) Certified.

A sealed clutch bearing prevents oil from leaking on the shaft. Most other saws use an open oil lubrication system which can leak and cause maintenance problems. With the sealed clutch you won't experience this problem. A cylinder pressure release valve releases the pressure from in the cylinder and makes pulling the start cord much easier.

This tool has a powerful 71cc 4.4 hp engine that is strong enough for your highest quality blades. A speed regulator prevents over revving, keeping your saw from breaking down and extending the life of your blades. This tool has a Full 90 Day Warranty

  • The cylinder is redesigned and the inside is chrome plated
  • Changes in the air flow to the inside cylinder disperses the heat better
  • Improved bearing fit and seal
  • The compression valve has been upgraded with a better valve
  • The testing equipment has been upgraded to allow checking the fit of each piston to the cylinder
  • Every cylinder is within 4 micro mm.
  • Each subassembly is put under pressure and submerged into water to make sure there are no leaks
  • The starter assembly has been improved and stronger cord is used for longer life
  • A new carburetor from Japan has replaced the China one used in the past. Performance and starting have improved with this change
  • All of the tolerances have been tightened
  • The on/off switch and choke lever are stronger and resist breakage
  • The choke bracket is stronger and more secure
  • The air filter is now three stages
  • The throttle switch is stronger
  • The plastic bottom pads (feet) are new and improved
  • The water lines now use a better and more durable material that will hold up to constant use.
  • The gas tank ventilation is improved and directed into the air intake
  • The ignition coil has been improved
  • The handle has steel reinforcements added to three areas
  • Arbor now accepts 1 in or 20 mm blades
  • Each saw is factory tested before shipping
Model BNGS710
Engine Air cooled two cycle engine
Displacement 71cc
Engine Power 4.4 hp (3.2kW)

Weight (Without Blade)

22.8 lbs (10.4kg)
Fuel Capacity 24 oz. (0.7L)
Blade Diameter 14 in (350mm)
Cutting Depth 5 in (125mm)

Arbor size

1 in (25.4mm)
Blade Shaft Speed 5,400 rpm

No listed accessories

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