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CST Curvimeters

 Run-Mate™ Curvimeter
Great for engineers, draftsmen, architects, etc., this time and money saving instrument measures straight and curved lines by hand. Measurement of angles, maps and drawings is easy for both right and left hands due to a "pen-like" shape and rotable head. Built-in fully operational calculator permits simultaneous calculations. Plus, they're the only curvimeters with a nonskid, wear resistant, and highly accurate measuring wheel.
Run-Mate Club Curvimeter
Run-Mate™ "Hi Tech" Curvimeter
Run-Mate™ copyrighted custom microcomputer powers a calculator with all common functions, including memory and factor. The Hi-Tech can be preprogrammed in any scale, and counts elements with the same length in any scale. Automatic shut off after five minutes of nonuse preserves the batteries.
Run-Mate Hi-Tec Curvimeter
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