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CST LaserMark Laser Plumb Bob

Laser Plumb Bobs


Creates an accurate, highly visiable plumb reference...instantly! The Laser Plumb Bob combines conventional plumbing with accurate laser capabilities. The magnetically dampened stand allows the plumb bob to settle and be used within seconds-faster than a conventional plumb bob with string or a gravity-only compensated laser plumb bob. The laser can also be shot downward using the included downward plumbing tip and cord for more conventional usage.

Uses include: stud plumbing and alignment, ceiling joist and rafter alignment, establishing diagonals and footings for decks and patios, transferring points from floor to ceiling for ceiling fixture installation and alignment, HVAC, plumbing and more.

LaserMark Laser Plumb Bob, 650nm diode
LaserMark Laser Plumb Bob, 635nm diode
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