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CST PB2 Laser Plumb Bob

PB2 FatMax Laser Self Leveling Plumb Bob

Creates and accurate, highly visible plumb reference instantly
Ideal For:

  • Stud plumbing and alignment

  • Ceiling joist and rafter alignment

  • Establishing diagonals and footings for decks and patios

  • Aligning and plumbing pipe or conduit 

  • Transferring points from floor to ceiling for ceiling fixture installation and alignment, e.g. lights, fans ,etc.

  • Setting up tripod and instrument over a point

  • Installing walls and partitions


  • Unique magnetically dampened self-leveling system settles plumb bob up to 20 times faster than conventional methods

  • Combines traditional plumb bob ease-of-use with laser-accurate alignment

  • One-button transfer point from floor to ceiling

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Accuracy UP-1/8"@50'
Working Range 100', dependent on illumination of area
Laser Diode 635nm
Leveling Type Self-leveling magnetically dampened
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