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CST/Berger Prisms


Optima All-Metal Prisms
Premium Series 0/-30mm constant prism systems. All metal holder and target warranted for life.

Mini Prism Systems
Small and light provide versatility for shots up to 3000 feet (900m)

Leica Compatible Prism Systems
34mm offset with Leica type H.I.

Zeiss/Trimble Compatible Prism Systems
CST provides affordable prisms fully Zeiss/Trimble compatible. -35mm offset

Prism in Canister
Thermetically sealed to prevent loss of range or accuracy.

Right Angle Prisms
Triangular Prism, Penta Prism and Penta Prism with Optical Plummet.

Retro Prisms
Encased in a light and rugged Lexan container. -30mm offset.

Reflector Systems
Mini Prisms for reflectorless Total Stations

Total Station Kits

Total Station Starter Kit
Includes: Tripod, Medium Prism, Universal Series Single Tilt Prism Assembly, Thumb Release Bipod,

Total Station Backsight Starter Kit
Includes: Tripod, Friction Type Rotating Tribrach Adapter, Extra Tall Bag, Value Line Tribrach Without Optical Plummet
, Universal Series Single Tilt Prism Assembly

Total Station Staking Kit
Includes: Tripod, Mini Prism Pole System, Prism Pole (Maxi-Lite)

Prism Poles and Range Poles

Quik-Lok Prism Poles
Fast setup and positive clamping without pinched fingers! Sturdy and dent-resistant aluminum construction.

Quick Release Prism Poles
Pistol grip clamping mechanism allows fast setup and takedown.

Tru-Lock Prism Poles
No slipping, no pinching, no need for a third hand! Provides a nonslip positive clamping as well as quick release feature.

Range Poles
Duralast range poles, value line telescoping, and powder painted range poles

Brass Collet Lock Prism Poles
Constructed of high strength aluminum

Bipods and Tripods


Prism Pole Bipods and Tripod
All bipods and tripods fit poles from 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch (25mm to 38mm) in diameter. Standard quick release tripod and bipod are 73 inch open, 44 inch closed in height.

Robotics Tripods
CST's heavy-duty Robotics Tripod provides a secure base for your automated Total Station

GPS Accessories

GPS Receiver Pole and GPS Range Poles
5/8-11 mounting thread, circular level vial, and replaceable hardened steel point

Mag Mounts
Use to attach GPS antennas to the top of vehicles. Quick-release adapter allows easy removal of antenna

GPS Rover Rod
Two-section, light weight; form a fixed height of 6-feet

Bags and Accessories

CST Wild-type Tribrachs with or without optical plummet offer precise plumbing of surveying instruments and adapters

For adapting 5/8 x 11 tripod to 3-1/2 x 8, anodized aluminum construction
For adapting 3-1/2 x 8 tripod to 5/8 x 11, anodized aluminum construction

Shoes, Prism and Bipod/Tripod
Our prism pole bipods and tripods allow simple, easy, and quick setup on even or uneven ground. Plus, they are now improved with a new side-entry head with clamp for easier and faster pole setup

Heads Up Rod Level
Allows the rod person to look up, keeping the instrument person in sight

Padded Carrying Case, Stake Bags, Lath Bag, Contractor's Pouches
Fully zippered carrying bags hold prisms and other EDM accessories

Prism Pole and Range Pole Bags
All bags, except for range pole bags, have a shoulder carrying strap. Prism Pole Bags have a Velcro closing strip at top. Nylon Cordura construction

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