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GMC DB-60A Draw Bender

Standard Features:

  • Taiwan Machine
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • This easy to use hydraulic tube draw bender has an incredible capacity of 2 inch tube with 0.12 inch wall thickness and 1-1/2 inch schedule 40 pipe
  • 1-1/2 HP Heavy Duty AC main motor, 220V, 1 phase
  • LED degree indicator with automatic stop programming, to get as true reading of bending degree.
  • 50 jobs memory, each job program contains 9 steps
  • Quick tooling changes
  • With deluxe stand
  • One year warranty for parts
Model DB-60A
Minimum CLR 1/2 inch
Minimum OD 1/4 inch
Solid Rod, mild steel 1 inch
Round Tube, mild steel ( wall thickness ) 2 inch (.125 inch)
Round Pipe, mild steel, schedule 40 1-1/2 inch
Round Tube, SS steel ( wall thickness ) 1-1/2 inch (.125 inch)
Round Pipe, SS steel, schedule 40 1-1/4 inch
Aluminum round Tube ( wall thickness ) 2 inch (3/16 inch)
Maximum centerline Radius 8-1/2 inch
LED programming 50 job memory
Main motor 1.5HP, 220V,1phase
Weight 327 LBS
Machine dimensions, LxWxH 27x9x51 inch


Optional Die Sets
Each Die Set includes: 2 rolls, 1 former, and 1 ring
DB-60A-1T 1 inch Tube die set
DB-60A-114T 1-1/4 inch Tube die set
DB-60A-112T 1-1/2 inch Tube die set
DB-60A-2T 2 inch Tube die set
DB-60A-1P 1 inch Pipe die set
DB-60A-114P 1-1/4 inch Pipe die set
DB-60A-112P 1-1/2 inch Pipe die set



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Call for price. GMCDB-60A-1T
Call for price. GMCDB-60A-114T
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Call for price. GMCDB-60A-2T
Call for price. GMCDB-60A-1P
Call for price. GMCDB-60A-114P
Call for price. GMCDB-60A-112P
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