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Hiretech Conversion Kits 0x26 Upgrades

Upgrades & Conversion Kits

Properly maintained, Hiretech products will provide many years of reliable service. As products are developed and new technology is applied to improve performance, Hiretech products can be upgraded to take advantage of the latest features and designs.

Hiretech quality components and technology can be used on products from other manufacturers. Where a mixed fleet of products is kept or where a fleet is being updated and replaced with new Hiretech product, customers can maintain the investment made in their current fleet and old product line.

For an up-to-date list of upgrades and conversion kits see table below.

HT8 Drum Floor Sander

Multi-Speed Control - upgrade any age HT8 or DU8 floor sander for next generation performance click here for more information.

Hiretech Drum Conversion Kits - available for a range of drum floor sanders. Improve performance, reduce service costs and standardise abrasives across your entire drum floor sander fleet.

HT7 Disc Floor Sander

Dust Bag Conversion Kits - available for the Hiretech HT7-1 and other Disc Floor Sanders (Edgers) converting the edger to use Hiretech disposable paper dust bags. Dust bag support provides cable storage when the edger is not in use.

Metal Backed Sanding Pad - dynamically balanced sanding pad for ultra smooth sanding performance with improved feel and touch. Available for most makes of edgers.

HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper

Steam Plate Rail Kit - upgrade any age HTW-5 to the latest steam plate rail system and new product labelling.

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