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Hud-Son Chainsaw Mill

This is the perfect tool for maintaining small projects!

The Hud-Son Chain Saw Mill* Comes Standard With:

  • 14' Cutting Track (2 Piece)

  • "Rip" Chain and Bar

  • 2 Complete Dog & Squaring Pin Assemblies

  • Hand Crank Height Adjustment

  • Track Extensions: $450 - 7' sections

*Saw Not Included
Stihl  Chainsaws

Log Wizard Debarker

Turn your chain saw into a Debarker, Router or Planer! The Log Wizard attaches easily to most any chain saw. You can make notches or debark poles for: barns, Fences, Bridges, Landscaping, Log Home Construction and more! Save time and money - the uses for this great machine are endless


The ideal chain saw accessory! Cut your own valuable lumber for use in hundreds of worthwhile projects - at a fraction of its regular cost. Turns your chain saw into a portable sawmill and accurate cutting tool. Attaches to your saw and guides it along a guide board nailed onto a log to produce low cost lumber of any size and thickness. Attaches to any size or model chain saw. Complete, ready-to-use, with instructions. Chain saws and other brands of attachments available. Bar drilling required

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