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Hud-Son Log Wizard & Debarker

BOTH LOG WIZARD & DEBARKER - Planer Removes Dirt Also


Log Wizard

Turn your chain saw into a Debarker, Router or Planer! The Log Wizard attaches easily to most any chain saw. You can make notches or debark poles for: barns, Fences, Bridges, Landscaping, Log Home Construction and more! Save time and money - the uses for this great machine are endless.

Features all ball bearing construction for long life and durability. Uses standard 3 1/4" planer blades. Comes complete with universal spline/sprocket system, which accommodates all pitches of saw chain and two blades.

Log Wizard



The ideal chain saw accessory! Cut your own valuable lumber for use in hundreds of worthwhile projects - at a fraction of its regular cost. Turns your chain saw into a portable sawmill and accurate cutting tool. Attaches to your saw and guides it along a guide board nailed onto a log to produce low cost lumber of any size and thickness. Attaches to any size or model chain saw. Complete, ready-to-use, with instructions. Chain saws and other brands of attachments available. Bar drilling required.

Peaveys * Cant Hook *  Log Tools
Timberjack:  This two-in-one tool efficiently raises the log off the ground for easy cutting.  Many chain saw chains are dulled and even ruined when the operator tries to cut the log when it's lying on the ground.  The Timberjack also becomes a Cant Hook when the stand is removed...making it easier to move or turn logs for cutting.  3½' handle.  Made in the USA.
Cant Hook:  Our Cant Hook are heavy-duty and come with 2½', 3½' or 4½', handles.  Moves logs or big cants.  Made in the USA.
Peavy:  Cant Hook but with pointed end, 4½' handle.  Made in the USA.
Hookeroon:  Perfect for moving firewood or small logs.  Complete with ¾" hickory handle.  Special forged steel style.  Made in the USA.

Replacement handles for above tools: Be sure to tell us if your tool is blue or black in color, since the repl. handle dimensions vary in size

Timber Carrier:  This husky log carrier is handy in a lot of woodsman situations, from log home building to firewood cutting.  Comes this a 2½" diameter x 4½' long premium quality handle.  Handles logs from 3" to 16" in diameter

Bark-Spud:  This sturdy tool easily removes the bark from logs
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