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IMER Terra Cut 450 Pavement Saw

Taking the lead from fine auto manufacturers like Mercedes and Lexus, the 13HP Honda engine is vibration isoltated from the saw chasis. By mounting the engine in this manner, very little vibration finds it’s way to the blade or your hands. Cut for hours and hours without hand and arm fatigue, and with very little blade wear

Removable Blade Guard

Need to swap out your blade? The sturdy blade guard is off in seconds. While the water cooling system ensures that you get maximum life out of your blades

Cyclone filter

A dual stage air filter keeps the Honda engine running for many years to come

Fast lock

Flip the blade lock and the depth is held right where you want it. Fast and simple

Double vibration dampening system

Vibration damping for both the blade and engine mounts provides for a very smooth and accurate cutting action. Operator comfort and extra long blade life are guaranteed

Easy to handle

Great effort was given to engineering a well balanced floor saw, making the Terra Cut 450 very easy to manuever around the job site

Poly V belt drive system

The V belt drive is reliable and efficient. All the avaliable power is delivered directly to the blade with no slip and minimal wear

Blade guide

The blade guide lowers into place quickly and easily, cuts are very accurate no matter their lenght

Lifting hook

There is a lifting hook built into the main frame. Lifting the Terra Cut 450 to any height is simple and safe

Cutting depth indicator

Accurate and reliable

8 Gallon water tank

Made out of Polyethylene the large capacity water tank is designed with a quick release system. Easy on, easy off

Super rigid frame

The welded steel chassis has a series of stiffening ribs which deliver and accurate and vibration free cutting preformance

Automatic parking brake

The braking system actuates as the saw is raised. Park the Terra Cut 450 on the steepest hill and rest assured it will stay in place


Specifications Terra Cut 450
Blade dia 18 inch
Blade shaft dia 1 inch
Max cutting depth 6.75 inch
Motor rating 13 hp, Honda GX390 with cyclone filter
Blade speed 2,600 rpm
Weight (palletized) 275 (325) lbs
Water tank 8 gal
Lenght 58 (60) inch
Height 45 (48) inch
Width 24 (28) inch


The NEW Terra Cut 450
1193733 18 inch Concrete and Asphalt Saw with a 13 hp Honda motor, comes with a blade


Mfg. item #: 1193733
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