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LaserMark® Laserpole Leveling Platform

LaserMark® Laserpole Leveling Platform


LaserMark® Laserpole Leveling Platform
Use your laser level and the Laserpole to accurately align cabinets, shelves, tiles, wall hangings and fixtures, and much more!

CST's new and affordable leveling platform! Its ultra-slim profile fits into tight spaces or corners. This four-section, 1-1/4" (32mm) diameter pole is built of a lightweight aluminum extrusion, electrostatically powder painted with hi-vis red and black striping. Add or remove the 2-foot sections or use the 2-foot telescoping top section to adjust to desired height.

Padded floor and ceiling bumper ends protect surfaces from marring and scratching. The quick clamping platform adjusts from 4" up to 98" (10cm to 250cm) and includes a 5/8" x 11 mounting stud. Inch and metric elevation reference marks, includes carrying bag.


Laserpole - Graduated Inches, with carrying bag


Additional 2-foot section


Replacement carrying bag

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