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M and B Mag Air Operated Systems

Our Air Operation System allows the operator (with the handheld remote control) precise control of the gate:

  • open,
  • close, or
  • hold the gate open in any position.

The remote control box allows the operator to control the bucket gate from a distance for difficult or dangerous pours.

The M&B MAG 100 p.s.i. pneumatic (air) operation system includes an integral positive pressure fail-safe feature. When air pressure is initially supplied to the system, the reserve tank is charged with air. This acts as a backup system and will provide air pressure to close the gate and keep it closed in the event that the air lines get cut or unattached.

  • Normally installed on buckets of 2 yd3 capacity and larger and on low slump buckets.
  • Available for aluminum concrete buckets and for steel concrete buckets.

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