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M and B Mag Elephant Trunk

Our Elephant Trunk option is an efficient way to get concrete to where you need it.

For infrequent use, we recommend our economical PVC elephant trunk. Our Pure Gum Rubber elephant trunk has the durability you want for continuous use.

Elephant trunks can be supplied cut to any length. Specify length at time of order.

Typically an elephant trunk is attached to a Sub Hopper using S.S. clamps. For a quick disconnect use an elephant trunk attached to a Tapered Collar (see the picture below).

Elephant Trunks
Model Material Dimensions Weight,
Suitable For
Diameter, in Length, ft
ETP-08 PVC 8 50 1.0 infrequent use
ETP-12 PVC 12 50 1.5 infrequent use
ETR-08 Pure Gum Rubber 8 10 or 25 3.0 continuous use
ETR-12 Pure Gum Rubber 12 10 or 25 4.5 continuous use

Elephant Trunk - Quick Disconnect

Elephant Trunk - Quick Disconnect

Tapered Collars
Tapered Collars Model Dimensions, in Weight,
D d H
TCF-0908 9 8 5 3
TCF-1312 13 12 5 5

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