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M and B Mag Rubber Gate Seals

Our Cone Liner is made of polyethylene plastic. It covers the inner cone surface of a bucket protecting it from abrasive wearing. The complete liner consists of four plastic segments. The segments get attached to a bucket with aluminum pop-rivets.

  • Dramatically improved abrasion resistance and wear life
  • Eliminates concrete build up
  • Can be installed on new buckets or as a repair option
  • Overlapping segments create a perfect fit every time
  • Easily installed using supplied rivets
  • Available for both aluminum and steel concrete buckets
Plastic Cone Liners
Plastic Cone Liner Cone Liner Model Dimensions, in
D d H
CLP-57 44 17.5 15
CLP-115 53.5 17.5 21
CLP-230 67.5 26.5 26
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