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M and B Mag Rubber Gate Seals

Recently developed by M&B MAG experts, Rubber Gate Seals dramatically reduce concrete leakage.

  • Helps to avoid costly clean up to surrounding property especially when pouring in busy urban areas.
  • Made of highly durable, UV protected, industrial grade rubber.
  • Perfectly fits all our upright, low slump, and laydown aluminum buckets.
  • Can be installed on new buckets or as a repair option.
  • Supplied with hardware and detailed installation instructions
Rubber Gate Seals
Rubber Gate Seal Model Two halves of GSR-115 Rubber Gate Seal
Two halves of GSR-250 Rubber Gate Seal
Bucket Models BB-5, BB-7, BB-10, BB-12, BB-15, BB-10LS BB-20, BB-25, BB-30, BB-40, BB-50, BB-20LS, BB-30LS, BB-40LS, EDB-30, EDB-40
We reserve the right to make specification, equipment and price changes without notice.


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