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Norton C59 Diesel Large Road Saws

Concrete Saws - C1318P Owners Manual with Parts List  

The next generation of 13HP saws, the Norton Clipper C1318P features shock-absorbing handle bars. the new sleek design of the water tank, with increased capacity and improved securing, adds an additional 1.5 gallons of water over the cut. And, a newly-designed belt tensioning system helps keep the saw cutting tried and true. All these features, coupled with the Honda 13HP engine, makes the C1318P the premiere choice for rental and service work.

  • Quick belt tensioning feature provides fast and accurate belt tensioning
  • Shock-absorbing handle bars reduce vibrations up to 40%
  • No hassle, fast, blade guard securing lock


Technical Specifications    C1320P
Product Number 701846 42456 1
Blade Guard Capacity – in (mm) 20" (356)
Maximum Depth of Cut – in (mm) 7-5/8" (193)
Arbor Size – in (mm) 1" (25)
Blade Flange Diameter – in (mm) 4-1/2" (114)
Blade Shaft RPM 2520 RPM
Blade Shaft Diameter – in (mm) 1-1/4" (32)
Blade Shaft Bearings Heavy Duty Pillow Block
Blade Shaft Drive 4 Belts
Blade Guard Attachment Pivoting, All Steel
Blade Control Hand Wheel/Screw Feed
Axle – Front – in (mm) 3/4" (19)
Axle – Rear – in (mm) 3/4" (19)
Wheels – Front D x W x B – in (mm) 5"x2"x3/4" (127x50x19)
Wheels – Rear D x W x B – in (mm) 6"x2"x3/4" (152x50x19)
Handle Bars/Adjustment Length 20-5/8" (530)
Control Roller Gear
Speed 0-220 FPM
Chassis Heavy duty jig welded box frame
Power Source Gasoline, Single Cylinder 4 Cycle
Engine Type Honda GX390
Specifications GX390K1QXC9
Maximum Horsepower* 13 HP (9.5kW)
Net Horsepower* 11 HP (8.2 kW)
Displacement – cu In (l) 23.7 cu in (0.39)
Bore – in (mm) 3.5" (88)
Stroke – in (mm) 2.5" (64)
Cylinders/Cycle Single Cylinder 4 Cycle
Fuel Capacity – gal (l) 1.79 gal. (6.5 l)
Oil Capacity – qt (l) 1.16 qt. (1.1 l)
Air Filter F our Stage Honda
Starter Manual
Engine Cooling Air
Saw Dimensions    Height 40" (1,016)
Minimum Saw Length (Transport) – in (mm) 56" (1,142)
Maximum Saw Length (Working) – in (mm) 114" (2,896)
Maximum Pointer Length – in (mm) 40" (1,016)
Frame Width – in (mm) 17" (432)
Saw Width – in (mm) 26" (660)
Front (Outside to Outside Wheel Width) – in (mm) 14-3/16" (360)
Rear (Outside to Outside Wheel Width) – in (mm) 15-1/4" (388)
Blade to Wall – in (mm) 2-9/16" (65)
Wheel Base Length – in (mm) 16-1/6" (407)
Blade shaft Maximum Height – in (mm) 16" (407)
Weight Crated – lbs. (kg) 345 (157kg)
Weight Uncrated – lbs (kg) 310 (141kg)
Q: How many feet (inch Feet) can I expect to cut with a premium concrete blade? How about asphalt?

A:The first thing to understand when measuring the life of a diamond blade is the unit of measure that represents the actual amount of material removed by the diamond blade. Material removal when referenced for diamond blades is expressed in inch-feet. The unit of inches describes the depth of cut of the blade and the unit of feet is used to indicate the distance of travel. So for example a blade this is used to make a 30 foot long cut 5 inches deep will have removed 150 inch-feet of material. It is also possible that a blade that is used to make a ten foot long cut ten inches deep will have removed 150 inch-feet of material. So to get the amount of material removed it is simply a matter of multiplying the length of the cut in feet by the depth of the cut in inches to get the total inch-feet removed.

Some general notes about applications:

  • Using a blade designed to cut dry in a wet cutting application will significantly reduce the life of the blade but improve the cutting speed.
  • Increasing the horsepower will reduce the footage and in some drastic cases result in catastrophic failure of the steel core.
  • On average an economy blade will strive to achieve somewhere in the 800 to 1500 inch feet when used exactly as specified on the label.
  • A premium product when used as specified on the label and in the appropriate application is estimated to achieve in the range of 3500 to 5000 inch-feet.

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