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Powermatic 66 10 Table Saw

The Powermatic 66 Cabinet Saw has been discontinued, and has been replaced by the
Powermatic PM2000 Cabinet Saw, see below for the PM2000 Specifications.

To order the PM2000 please click this link


MODEL 2000PM Cabinet Saw


  • Arbor lock allows faster and safer blade changes using only one wrench

  • Riving knife with quick release for consistently safer cuts

  • Cast iron base provides more stable foundation for saw

  • Integrated retractable caster system eliminates the need for external system and allows to always sit on cast iron base during use

  • Shrouded blade increases collection efficiency

  • Unique tilt scale with markers provides convenient means to mark and return to a reference

  • Poly-V Belt drive has longer lasting, more efficient transfer of power

  • Micro-adjust miter gauge allows for quick fine tuning of miter angle

  • 10" cast iron extension wings provide large work surface area

  • ACCU-FENCE® system ensures accuracy, available with 30" or 50" to the right cutting capacity

  • Massive cast iron trunnion allows for a more stable system with virtually no vibration


Riving Knife

Arbor Lock

Tilt Scale
Model 2000
Blade Diameter (in.) 10
Arbor Diameter (in.) 5/8
Maximum Depth of Cut (in.) 3-1/8
Maximum Rip Right of Blade (in.) 50
Maximum Rip Left of Blade (in.) 13-1/2
Maximum Cut Depth at 45 Degrees (in.) 2-1/8
Table in Front of Saw Blade at Maximum Cut Depth 11-1/4
Maximum Dado Width (in.) 13/16
Maximum Dado Diameter 8
Table Height (in.) 34-1/2
Table Size with Standard Extension (L x W in.) 42 x 30-1/2
Table Size without Extension (L x W in.) 22 x 30-1/2
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H in.) 85 x 37 x 34-1/2
Motor (TEFC) 3HP, 1Ph, 230V; 5HP, 1Ph, 230V or 5HP, 3Ph, 230/460*V, Prewired 230V
*Requires new 460V mag Switch
Net Weight, Saw Only (lbs.) 600
50" Accu-Fence System 2195042k
30" Accu-Fence System 2195063k
PM2000 30-1/2 x 36" Extension Table for Rout-R-Lift 6827041
PM2000 30-1/2 x 24" Extension Table for Rout-R-Lift 6827043
PM2000 30-1/2 x 24" Extension Table 6827042
PM2000 30-1/2 x 36" Extension Table 6827040
Extension Table Legs (set of 2) 6441000Z
Rout-R-Lift 6682004
Zero Clearance Insert for PM2000 1791786
Dad Insert for PM2000 1791788
Accu-Fence Side Panel Replacement Kit 2402005
Heavy duty deluxe miter gauge 1791789
Low Profile Riving Knife for PM2000 1791787
Thin Kerf Riving Knife 1791791
Thin Kerf Low Profile Riving Knife 1791792
Motor 3 HP, 1Ph 5HP, 1Ph 5HP, 3Ph
10" Cabinet Saw with 30" Accu-Fence with Extension Table 1792002k 1792012k 1792007k
10" Cabinet Sawwith 50" Accu-Fence with Extension Table and Legs 1792000k 1792010k 1792005k
10" Cabinet Saw with 30" Accu-Fence with Extension Table and Rout-R-Lift System 1792003k 1792013k 1792008k
10" Cabinet Saw with 50" Accu-Fence with Extension Table, Legs, and Rout-R-Lift System 1792001k 1792011k 1792006k
10" Cabinet Saw with 50" Accu-Fence and Solid Wood Workbench 1792016k 1792017k 1792018k
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