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Presto Load Levelers

If you load or unload pallets manually, Presto has a solution that will allow you to do it more efficiently.

Presto Manual Palletizers are available in a wide range of configurations including; auto-leveling spring or airbag, hand pallet truck accessible, and operator controlled lifting and lowering.

Most units also have built-in turntables to facilitate nearside loading and unloading

P3 All-Around Automatic Load Leveler with Heavy-Duty Airbag

Load and unload pallets without stooping, stretching, or walking. The P3-All Around Pneumatic Load Leveler automatically maintains pallets at a constant level and comfortable working height as layers of boxes are added or removed.

Leveling is accomplished by a heavy-duty, reinforced rubber airbag that can handle loads up to 4500 lbs. After airbag charging with shop air is complete, the P3 All Around can be disconnected and moved to any location in the plant. Because the P3 is pneumatic, it can accommodate loads that vary substantially in weight (from 400 - 4500 lbs.) so one unit is versatile enough to work in several areas.

A turntable top with easy turning anti-friction bearings allow users to spin loads so they are always working from the near side without having to walk around the unit.

Model Number P3-AA
Load Capacity 4500 lbs
Raised Height 27-3/4 inch
Lowered Height 9-1/2 inch
Overall Base W x L 36 x 36 inch
Turntable Diameter 43-3/8 inch
Shipping Weight 400 lbs


P3 Spring Mechanism Automatically Adjust Load Height

P3 Spring Load Levelers improve the efficiency and productivity of manual pallet loading and unloading operations. A system of springs and shock absorbers lower or raise loads as boxes are added or removed from pallets.  

The built-in turntable ring allows workers to spin the load so that work is always being done on the nearside

P3 Spring Load Leveler are completely automatic and require no power or air supply to operate.

Pallet loads up to 4,500 lbs can be handled.

Model Number P3 SPRING
Load Capacity 4500 lbs
Raised Height 28 inch
Lowered Height 9-1/2 inch
Overall Base W x L 36 x 36 inch
Turntable Diameter 43-3/8 inch
Shipping Weight 460 lbs


P3PH-24-20 hydraulic operator controlled load leveler Built-in Turntable Top

This fully powered hydraulic version of our P3 Load Leveler is the ideal choice when precise load positioning is required or when load weights, pallet sizes or product dimension vary greatly and frequently.

  • Built-in Turntable Top





Model Number P3PH-24-20 P3PH-24-40
Load Capacity 2,000 lbs 4,000 lbs
Raised Height 32-3/4 inch 32-3/4 inch
Lowered Height 8-3/4 inch 8-3/4 inch
Overall Base W x L 40 x 36 inch 40 x 36 inch
Turntable Diameter 43-3/8 inch 43-3/8 inch
Standard Motor 1 HP 1 HP
Shipping Weight 700 lbs 760 lbs


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Mfg. item #: P3-AA
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