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Safety Speed Cut SPM301 Screw Pocket Mac

SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine

Safety Speed is pleased to announce the introduction of the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine. Unlike others of its kind, the SPM301 features cam-driven action providing fast, smooth cutting action under complete mechanical control throughout the machine cycle. The pilot drill and ball end mill produce superior low-angle screw pockets.


The SPM301s mechanical linkage allows the pilot drill and router bit to cut at the same time, reducing cycle time without sacrificing cut quality. Simple back fence, stop rail, and depth adjustment make setups and adjustments quick and easy. The built-in analog depth gauge allows changing material thickness a breeze and can be completed within seconds. When it comes to manufacturing, the SPM301 is unmatched. Manufactured completely in the USA, the SPM301 showcases heavy duty construction; a machine truly built to be a work horse and requires only standard 110 VAC and 1-2 CFM compressed air at 80 PSI.


  1. FENCE ADJUSTMENT: Simple back fence and stop rail make pocket adjustments for different screw lengths quick and easy.
  2. CONTROLLED FAST CUT:  Mechanical CAM linkage allows pilot drill and router bit to be cutting at the same time, reducing cyle time without sacrificing cut quality.  Controlled cut increases tool life.
  3. DEPTH GAUGE:  Simple device makes it a snap to see pocket depth before you cut.
  4. POCKET DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: The 301 has the ability to change depth of pocket for different material thickness quickly with the simple crank of a handle.
  5. EASY ACCESS TO TOOLING:  The SPM301 was designed with top down access to the tooling for quick bit changes and adjustments.
Model SPM301
Router Motor 2 1/4 hp
Drill (Compact Router) 7 amp/16,000-27,000 RPM
Vac Requirement Standard 110
Air Requirement

1-2 CFM at 80 PSI

Height 44 inch/1118mm
Width 22 inch/560mm
Depth 26 inch/660mm
Shipping Weight 350 lbs./ 160 kg


No accessories listed

Mfg. item #: SPM301
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