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Titan PowrTex 600DD Speeflo Texture Spra

Orange Peel Splatter Popcorn

Knockdown Level 5 and Skim Coat

PowrTex 600DD

  • Sprays texture products in ready-mix or powdered formulations; orange peel, splatter, knockdown or popcorn finishes; textured elastomerics; deck coatings and some cement-based materials.
  • Uses a durable, high-performance, long lasting double-diaphragm pump that easily handles the heaviest viscosity coatings.
  • High-volume, double-diaphragm pump cleans up fast.
  • PowrTex 600DD comes with a 20-gallon hopper. Unique, easy to fill hoppers can be removed without tools for fast clean-up..
  • The PowrTex 600DD can handle aggregates up to 3mm.
  • Powerful dual-piston, oil-free compressor runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Standard with PowrTex DD models PowrTex texture gun & four additional nozzles.
  • The PowrTex 600DD comes with a bonded 25' x 3/8 (in) air hose and 25' x 1 (in) fluid hose.

Recommended for orange peel, splatter, knockdown and popcorn textures; textured elastomerics and more.

Complete* 600-140
Max. Operating Pressure 100 psi
Max.Output Electric 3.0 gpm
Double-Diaphragm Pump Dimension 3/4 (in)
Max. Hose Length 50'
Air Compressor Size 2.0 hp
Air Compressor Max CFM 11.4
Hopper Size (Gallons) 20
Weight Electric 122
Common Applications: Orange Peel, Splatter, Knockdown, Skim Coat (Simulated Acoustic), Textured Elastomerics
Tips Included and Size* (in) 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16
Gun Type * PowrTex
Standard Air Hose ID* 3/8 (in) x 25'
Standard Fluid Hose ID* 1 (in) x 25

*Maximum hose length is dependent on material viscosity.
*Included with complete unit.

Hoses and Kits
Bonded 3/4 (in) x 25' Fluid Hose and 3/8 (in) x 25' Air Hose Set 600-132
3/4 (in) Fluid Hose Connection Kit 600-488
Bonded 1 (in) x 25' Fluid Hose and 3/8' x 25' Air Hose Set 600-133
1 (in) Fluid Hose Connection Kit (needed to extend hoses beyond 25') 600-489
PowrTex Spray Gun Nozzles
1/8 (in) Texture Nozzle 600-100
3/16 (in) Texture Nozzle 600-107
1/4 (in) Texture Nozzle 600-106
5/16 (in) Texture Nozzle 600-105
Flat Texture Nozzle 0524465
Flow Funnel (Helps determine the proper material consistency when
mixing texture spray material)
Cleaning Cylinder (1 Pack) (Cleans material residue from inside the texture material spray hose. Prevents hard deposits from forming inside the hose) 600-362
Mfg. item #: 600-140
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