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USI 3VH-3 Milling Machine

milling machine

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SINO 3-Axis digital readout measure table, cross and knee travel, inch/metric, and multi-functionality Electrical Cabinet Control and accessory power transformer, circuit breakers and main disconnect Detail of work light, digital readout, collet rack, table feed, coolant nozzle, way cover, ram and spindle



  • 10 x 54 inch table with 3 T-slots, 5/8 inch, on 2.5 inch centers Table travel is 37.4 inch. Leadscrew pitch is 5TPI with dials on each end graduated in .001 inch.
  • Large knee allows saddle to travel 16.5 inch for crossfeed with .001 inch dial graduations
  • Large knee travel is 16.5 inch with 10TPI leadscrew, .001 inch dial graduations
  • Large ram allows for over 18.5 inch of travel, inlaid scale, and deep throat for large workpieces
  • Large SquareWays on Y and Z Axis. Double locks on all axis
  • Aged stressed castings, stress relieved for long life and accuracy, Meehanite type
  • Power quill feed allows for 0.0018, 0.003, 0.006 Inches of feed per revolution of spindle
  • Hardened and ground and precisely scraped work table, saddle and knee ways, turcite B coated for wear resistance
  • Centralized one-shot lubrication pump lubricates all way surfaces and leadscrews
  • Backlash adjustment for leadscrews, Gib adjustments for ways
  • Electrical cabinet with internal transformer for 110V and 24V devices, circuit breaker protected, Low Voltage controls, 24 volt halogen machine light. Transformer also includes power supply for digital readout and power table feed.
  • Operator low voltage controls for coolant pump, machine light, main power with emergency stop button. Spindle off/forward/reverse switch.
  • Built in coolant tank base with coolant pump, pressure and return hose , nozzle and valve, Installed and ready to use. Base chip pan to help prevent coolant overflow.
  • Manual variable speed spindle drive, 3 Horsepower runs the spindle from 60 to 4200 RPM. Spindle speed dial on head shows RPM in direct drive and back gear. Spindle motor is finned for cooling.
  • Sino three axis digital readout has 0.0002” resolution. Readout comes mounted to knee, table and cross and is ready to use. The readout is inch/metric switchable, with absolute incremental function. There is a calculator function, bolt hole pattern function, line pattern function, and arc calculate function. A comprehensive manual is included.
  • Power table feed is Align model AL500SP. Infinitely variable feed from .8 to 32 IPM with rapid button, on/off switch, and adjustable travel stops. This heavy duty power feed has 150 inch pounds of torque, with max to 650. Power table feed comes installed on machine, ready to use.
  • Toolbox and tools, manuals, electrical drawing, test certificate all included.
Model 3VH-3-KIT
Working Surface 10 x 54 inch
Longitudinal Travel 34.4 inch with powerfeed (37.4 inch without powerfeed) (Powerfeed stops prevent overtravel.)
Cross Travel 16 inch (15.5 inch with readout installed)
Vertical Travel 16.5
Ram Travel 18.5 inch
Head tilt, left to right 90 degrees left, 90 degrees right with degree ring scale
Head Tilt, front to back 45 degrees front, 45 degrees back with degree ring scale
Ram Circular Movement 360 Degree with degree ring scale
T-Slots 3 at 2-1/2 inch centers, 5/8 inch Ea
Spindle Drive 3 HP
Spindle Range (Manual Vari-speed sheeve) 60-4200 Variable with Direct Drive and Back-geared
Spindle Type R-8
Quill Travel & Diameter 5 inch travel and 3-3/8 inch diameter
Power quill feed range, Inches per rev 0.0018, 0.003, 0.006 inch
Weight ofWork Piece, max 660 lbs
Spindle Motor 3 HP, 208-240 volt or 440/460/480 volt, 3 phase spindle motor motor- standard
Electrics 208-240V or 440/460/480V, 3 phase – pick one
Machine, Net Weight 3,400 lbs


Standard Configuration of KIT Machine: (All items already installed on machine!)

  • Base Price of machine F. O. B. Memphis, TN Part Number: 3VH-3
  • Heavy duty power table feed on X axis Part Number: AL500SP
  • Flood coolant pump, hose, nozzle Part Number FCKIT
  • Chip pan Part Number CPKIT
  • Machine light Part Number MLKIT
  • Front and Rear way covers Part Number: FRWCKIT
  • Three axis digital readout Part Number SINO3AX

Options you may wish to purchase: (All items will be installed on machine.)

  • Air Power Drawbar, pneumatic, installed -  PDB-PB001
  • Bestline Power Feed for Y-axis (cross feed)  -  Y150-3V
  • Bestline Power Feed for Z-axis (knee feed)  -  Z150-3V
  • Mill QC collet set, 1 holder R-8 to ER32, 1 spanner for collet nut, 11 ER32 collets from 1/8 to 3/4 inch, all in form fitted case  -  R8ER32KIT-K
  • Clamp kit, 58 piece, bolts, nuts, step blocks, fingers, for fixturing  -  CK-K
  • Precision Parallel Set, several matched parallels in form case  -  P100-K
  • Milling vise, 6 inch lock type 6 inch  -  VISE-K
  • R-8 collet set, 11 pieces  -  R8-SET

Mfg. item #: 3VH-3-KIT
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