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Van-Mark Trim-A-Louver

Trim-A-Louver provides 6.6 inches of Net Free Area per hit in a wide array of situations calling for custom ventilation. Maximize your structural ventilation jobs by fabricating custom vent panels suited to the job not to vent products off the shelf.

  • Gable and Soffit Vents, Both Roofing and Siding Jobs
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home Skirting, Panels and Access Doors
  • Vinyl and Aluminum, Residential and Commercial Applications
  • HVAC, and Many Other Uses

Note: accessories may be incompatible with older Van-Mark products.

s-h alt Ventilate most vinyl siding panels without the cutting and splicing, or potential leaks.
s-h alt Combination panel/siding guide ensures perfect slot placement into materials. Tool has full 8 3/4 inch throat depth for maximum slots.
s-h alt Trim-A-Louver does not harm painted/clad finishes and leaves a clean burr-free edge every time.

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Mfg. item #: L100
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