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Van-Mark Coil Dispenser

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Coil Dispenser now works with TrimCutter and QuickScore to provide you with more time and money saving efficiency on your job site

Tired of damaged coil stock gathering in a pile in the corner of your shop, or in the back of your truck? Don't be too hard on yourself. Handling coil stock job after job isn't easy. First of all, coils come in tightly wound rolls which go crazy once you cut the little piece of tape holding it all together. Then you get out on the job and try to roll out stock without scratching, denting or marring the surface. If that isn't bad enough, a nice gust of wind comes along and....well you know what happens next. Don't let your coil stock work you! Take control of damage and waste while improving your job site efficiency with the one tool you'll wonder what you've done so long without it, Coil Dispenser

Note: accessories may be incompatible with older Van-Mark products.

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Put coil where you need it.
Perfect mate for your slitter.
Easily adapts to any brake.
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Mfg. item #: CD24
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Mfg. item #: 3017
FREE shipping when ordered with a machine from this manufacturer.20

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