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Van-Mark SureCut Table

VanMark SureCut Table

Shown With Optional VAN3020 Folding Legs (sold below)
ensure fast setups while providing sure-footed stability over all types of terrain

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Leg Kits Miter Bars Extensions
Extension prevents sagging of longer lengths of materials during cut.

SureCut Portable Saw Table

Van Mark introduces two new additions to their line-up of quality tools an equipment. The SureCut 90 and the SureCut 45 saw tables are designed to provide fast reliable service when cutting siding, facia, studs, soffit, trim moldings and decking planks of all type.

Note: accessories may be incompatible with older Van-Mark products.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Accommodates Most Circular Saws
  • Available in 45 and 90 Inch Models
  • Each Unit Complete With Back Fence
Model Length Extension/Miter Bar Weight
SCT90 7'6" Included with model 40 lbs.
SCT45 3'9" Sold Separately 24 lbs.
With saw table inverted, install leg plates using 4 each #10 sheet metal screws. Install center plate to leg plate using 4 each #10 sheet metal screws. Install leg clamps over legs as shown using 4 each #10 sheet metal screws. Repeat on opposite end. Unfold legs and stand table in upright position Loosen all 4 hex bolts located at opposing ends of each saw track. Use a light spray lubricant in channels if tightness occurs while trying to move the tracks.
With saw unplugged, extend saw blade into center of blade slot as shown. Note: During normal operations, the saw blade needs only to break the plane of the table top slightly in order to cut through most materials. Periodically check blade elevation and readjust as needed. Position tracks snug to edges of saw shoe remembering to maintain saw blade in center of slot. Extend unplugged saw up and down saw tracks to ensure saw blade stays in center of slot. Tighten all 4 hex bolts securely and recheck saw blade is still center in slot.
The SureCut miter bar is designed to provide a 45 degree cutting guide for common widths of various materials. For situations where more complex angles are required, we recommend an upgrade to our
The SureCut extension is used from the left end of the table for additional support of materials. The built-in tape rule can be aligned with the tape rule in the back fence for a continual measurement. Use the lock screw to lock the extension in place.
There are no listed accessories.
Mfg. item #: SCT90
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Mfg. item #: 3020
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