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Van-Mark TAT50 Trim-A-Table

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Shown With Optional Folding Steel Legs

Long recognized as the top selling saw table in the siding industry, Trim-A-Table™ carries on a rich tradition of providing installers everywhere with fast and accurate cuts that keep the job site moving right along. We know every moment spent fussing with your saw table is a moment that could've been spent hanging siding. With up to 18 feet of extension support for your materials, you can focus on cutting your rakes and gables, not flip flopping materials to keep them from falling off the end of the table. Only Trim-A-Table™ has a recessed saw blade track which means you never cut into the table top.

Note: accessories may be incompatible with older Van-Mark products.

Features / Benefits
s-h alt Trim-A-Table is lightweight and sets up fast on any job site or in the shop. Durable aluminum components, along with stringent manufacturing controls ensure the longest service life of any saw table out there. Entire unit breaks down quickly for 1 user portability and setup. s-h alt
s-h alt Unique to the industry, only Trim-A-Table uses a recessed saw blade track which means you get full material support on both sides of the blade and you'll never cut through the table-top. s-h alt
s-h alt Controls and adjustments are always within reach. The single-point locking control ensures multiple positioning of the boom without bending and stooping or reaching into harm's way to make adjustments. The saw tracks are easily adjusted to accommodate any full shoe circular saw. s-h alt
s-h alt Trim-A-Table ensures accurate cuts with the built in protractor and pitch guide. For making left and right cuts along a common pitch, memory stops are provided which allow you to alternate the boom positions. s-h alt
s-h alt Dual Extensions provide up to 18 feet of materials support and have built in tape rules for quick processing of most measurements. An adjustable material stop can be positioned on the either the table top or the extensions. Memory stops allow quick-change of the boom position without having to reset angle. s-h alt
Trim-A-Table Specifications
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