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Woodward Fab Mittler Brothers Power Head

Mittler Brothers Power Head Rollers

  • Foot operated for hands free operation
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Variable speed 110 volt motor
  • Max Capacity .040 steel or .050 aluminum
Models and Accessories
WFMB200.24 24 inch Throat Depth
WFMB200.36 36 inch Throat Depth
WFMB200.42 42 inch Throat Depth
WFMB200.031 Stand
WFMB200.008 Depth Stop
WFMB KIT Basic Start-up Tool Kit Includes:
1/8 inch Louver Die
1/4 inch Round Bead Die
5/16 inch Round Bead Die
3/8 inch Round Bead Die
.062 Step Roll for matching panels

Call for price. HECWFMB200.24
Call for price. HECWFMB200.36
Call for price. HECWFMB200.42
Call for price. HECWFMB200.031
Call for price. HECWFMB200.008
Call for price. HECWFMB KIT
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