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Woodward Fab 24 inch Power Head Rollers


  • Foot operated for hands free operation
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Variable speed 110 volt motor
  • Max Capacity .040 steel or .050 aluminum
Model and Accessories
WFMB200.24 24 inch Throat Depth
WFMB200.031 Stand
WFMB200.008 Depth Stop
WFMB KIT Basic Start-up Tool Kit Includes:
1/8 inch Louver Die
1/4 inch Round Bead Die
5/16 inch Round Bead Die
3/8 inch Round Bead Die
.062 Step Roll for matching panels

Call for price. HECWFMB200.24
Call for price. HECWFMB200.031
Call for price. HECWFMB200.008
Call for price. HECWFMB KIT
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