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Woodward Fab Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet Metal Bending Brake: Minimal Effort. Enhanced Precision. Brilliant Results. 

Sheet metal bending is a manufacturing process, in which the metal is bent or stretched in different shapes and dimensions. The thickness of the sheet metal may vary during each metal bending project. Woodward Fab offers diverse ranges of metal bending tools, which ensure precise results, and a high degree of reliability.

What are the beneficial features of WWF’s Sheet Metal Bending Tools?  

Woodward Fab, we provides various types of metal bending tools such as bench top budget brakes, 3-in-1 sheet metal machines, Atek press brakes, form benders, box and pan bending brakes, etc

  • Superior Construction: Our bending tools are made from heavy cast iron frames. These benders help produce accurate and neat bends on a wide variety of metals.
  • Bending Accuracy: Accurate bending is a requisite in a metal forming industry. Any complicated sheet metal bending task can be completed with precision by using our metal bending tools. Roper Whitney Connecticut brakes is one of the popular sheet bending machine available with us, which can create accurate bends on stainless steel, mild steel, carbon, and copper sheets.
  • Customer Centric: Various bending tools like Tensmith sheet metal brakes are valued for their user-friendly features. These tools are not only compact, but also offer ease of operation. Manual effort is greatly reduced, as the equipment is engineered with strong and formidable machine parts.
  • Value Driven Approach: Sheet metal bending process involves critical tasks, which require cutting edge tools. Hence, the sheet metal forming tools are engineered with latest technologies. Our value-driven machines help in maximizing resource efficiencies and reducing production costs.

What are the safety tips while using Bending Machines and Brakes?

When operating bending machines, certain precautions must be taken to avoid physical injuries. The following are some quick safety tips:

  • Wear Protective Gear: Glasses and apron must be worn inside the manufacturing facility. They protect delicate body parts from getting hurt. Work boots also prevent any pointed materials from hurting the feet. Glasses prevents fine particles from hurting your eyes.
  • Follow Safety Guidelines: A user must be aware of the norms and working on sheet bending machines. Metal sheets must be held at the proper angle against the benders. A wrong placement can cause bodily injuries.  Metal bending tools are critical for sheet metal bending process. We at Woodward Fab are experts in designing and manufacturing several industrial metalworking and woodworking machinery.

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