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TGMI Tailgate Mulcher Model 35


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Tailgate Mulcher Model 35

TGMI, Inc. introduced the Model 35 Tailgate Mulcher to response to the mid-size, 5+ acre, straw mulching demands of our customers. Taking inspiration from the design of our Model 18 Tailgate Mulcher, the Model 35 has all of the same great features such as a belt drive to eliminate vibration and coupling failure, beater flail chains to pulverize the straw, and a fully rotational steel discharge cannon with spraying distances of up to 70’. The Model 35 is available with a 35 HP Air Cooled Diesel Engine w/ Engineered Air Cleaner or a 35 HP Gasoline Engine.

The Model 35 is ideally suited for mid size commercial jobs such as new home/commercial developments, highway and interstate projects, and erosion and sediment control projects. With ever increasing demands for erosion control and soil stabilization, the Model 35 outperforms competitive units and produces high quality results.

Tailgate Mulcher Model 35 Gas & Model 35 Diesel

Tailgate Mulcher Straw Blower

Our Tailgate MulcherThe Tailgate Mulcher is the leading straw blower in the landscape and rental market. Since 1987, TGMI, Inc. has manufactured the Tailgate Mulcher to suit landscaper’s needs for a compact straw mulcher.

The Model 18 is rated at 2-3 bales per minute and can handle both straw and hay, wet or dry. Beater flail chains pulverize the straw, rather than cut it with a knife, thus allowing the Tailgate Mulcher to handle heavier and damp materials without clogging.

The Triple-V belt drive eliminates vibration and coupling failure. Our fully rotational discharge cannon reduces the need for a flexible hose, however, up to 100’ of hose can be attached to the discharge for hard to reach areas.

The Tailgate Mulcher is available both as a skid unit to be loaded onto the bed of your truck, or trailer mounted. The trailer mounted model can easily be removed from the trailer for utmost versatility and mobility.

Mulcher Model 35The Tailgae Mulcher Model 35 is available with a 35 HP Air-Cooled Diesel engine w/ Engineered Air Cleaner or with a 35 HP Gasoline engine. Our Engineered Air Cleaner prevents any debris or chaff from accumulating and causing the engine to over heat, a common symptom of liquid cooled diesels. The Model 35 is rated at 7 ton of straw per hour, is suitable for larger commercial and residential jobs and is also available skid or trailer mounted.

More about our Tailgate Mulchers

Tailgate Mulcher / Straw Blower Model 35
Model Skid Trailer
Length: 69" 128"
Operating Length: 121" 128"
Width: 42" 93"
Height: 67" 79"
Weight: 1,600 lbs 2,420 lbs
Power: (Air Cooled w/ Rotating Screen) 35 HP Vanguard Gasoline
35 HP Lombardini Diesel
Drive: Quad - V Belt Drive
Blower Fan: 20" Diameter, 8 Blades
Beater Chains: (8) Hardened
Discharge Cannon: 360 Degree Fully Rotational
Discharge Distance: 60' Feet
Battery: 12 Volt Automotive
Fuel Tank: 12 Gallon
Feed Tray: Folding w/ Adjustable Extension
Capacity: Up to 7 ton of straw per hour
Trailer N/A 15" Wheels, Torflex Axle

Applications for Tailgate and Aqua Mulchers

Agriculture  The Tailgate Mulcher is the ideal machine for a multitude of agricultural jobs, from laying straw bedding for horses to strawberry patches, blown straw applications get the job done simple and fast.

Dust Control Hydroseeders are an excellent method to control dust on job sites, not just as water applicators, but also spreaders of dust control and erosion control polymers.

Equipment Rental  Hydroseeding is growing in popularity throughout the country as well as the world. Many equipment rental stores are capitalizing on this by including a hydroseeder such as the Aqua Mulcher to their equipment fleet to fill the needs of contractors and construction crews. Straw blowers such as the Tailgate Mulcher have proven to be popular items for a rental storeâÂÄÂôs equipment fleet. Erosion control and soil stabilization follow excavation and as these environmental demands grow, contractors and in turn, equipment rental stores will benefit with access to equipment like the Tailgate Mulcher and Aqua Mulcher.

Erosion Control Environmental issues affect everyone, and erosion control is a necessary concern for any and all construction or dirt moving projects. With growing demands for water quality as well as new water supplies, hydroseeding as well as straw mulch become very popular erosion-preventative measures. Both hydroseeding and blown straw applications help control soil erosion and act as natural filters to prevent debris and other pollutants from accumulating in the water supply.

Fertilizing & Watering  The Aqua Mulcher also works very well as a seed and fertilizer broadcast spreader. Use your Aqua Mulcher to apply water, seed, and fertilizer with or without hydromulch products. Landscapers will have additional uses for their hydroseeder as a watering device for tree farms, landscape projects and so forth.

Highway Projects Since the development of the national highway system in the 1950âÂÄÂôs, hydroseeding and blown straw applications have proven to be highly effective in new grass establishment as well as erosion control. This particular area helped spawn the hydroseeding and straw blowing industries.

Home Development  Hydroseeding and blown straw applications are perfect for new lawn installations for home developments as well as a great ground cover for unfinished sites to control sediment erosion. They also provide a low-cost alternative to sod.

Hydro-Sprigging Hydro-sprigging is the process of applying grass sprigs to your hydroseeding mixture. Adding springs to your hydroseeding mixture is a very efficient and effective method of grass establishment. The mulch slurry acts as a bond for the sprigs and promotes strong soil contact and germination.

Landfills  Cities, counties and other government offices are quickly learning the benefits of hydroseeding and Alternative Daily Cover in day to day landfill operations. ADC is easily applied with the Aqua Mulcher and helps to reduce costs associated with additional dirt moving as well as labor costs.

Mine Reclamation  Along with the development of the national highway system, mine reclamation projects have helped build and grow the hydroseeding and blown straw industries. As energy costs continue to increase, new as well as old sources of energy will continue to be researched and utilized. Blown straw applications as well as hydroseeding have proven highly effective as erosion control and ground cover for mining operations. Many towns have also experimented with broadcasting and re-establishing wildflower seed blends to bring back reclaimed areas to a more natural, native state.

New Lawn Installation  Hydroseeding and blown straw are popular and cost-effective alternatives to applying sod for new lawn installations. Both hydro-mulch as well as straw have high moisture retention rates and help promote seed germination in all climates, whether hot and dry or cool and wet.

Curb & Roadsides  Cities and municipalities are continuing to see the need for blown straw and hydroseeding as effective methods to apply seed for grass establishment and soil protection in small areas such as curbsides and roadside projects.

Tailgate Mulchers Standard Features

Steel Discharge Cannon

TGMI's StrawblowersEliminates the need for and wear and tear of flexible hose, and provides maintenance free use. The ability to attach an extension hose up to 100’ in length is possible with our hose adapter that easily connects to the Cannon Discharge.

Beater Flail Chains

Superior to cutting knives seen on competitive straw blower models, flail chains pulverize the straw, rather than cut it, allowing the user to blow damp straw as well as heavier materials such as hay without clogging. Standard Grade 8 log chain is easily replaced locally or through your dealer. No broken knives to replace or sharpen.

No Electric Clutch

A direct belt drive between the engine and the blower provides control of the speed and shut off of the blower without a clutch. No more burnt out electric clutches.

Belt Drive

Triple-V belt design allows for smooth operation. A belt drive is superior to a direct coupling of the engine and beater shaft, reducing vibration and eliminating coupling failure. And there are no faulty spring-loaded tensioners. Belt tension is adjusted via engine mount.

TGMI's StrawblowersAir Cooled Diesel Engine

The Model 35 features an air cooled diesel engine which is superior to a liquid cooled diesel for blown straw applications and our engineered air cleaner prevents any debris from collecting and overheating the engine, a problem that frequently occurs with competitors models that feature liquid cooled diesel engines.

Engineered Air Cleaner

Our engineered air cleaner eliminates debris and chaff from accumulating at the engine air intake and prevents repeated overheated engine failure.

Skid or Trailer Mounted

The Tailgate Mulcher is easily transported via fork slots and can be chained or strapped down to your truck or trailer. Our simple trailer mount system allows the user to remove the skid unit with little effort.

Vendor no longer in buisness,
Products no longer avaliable.

Vendor no longer in buisness,
Products no longer avaliable.

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