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Since its inception, the Adam brand has symbolised trust, performance and value. For over thirty years, the company has been producing balances and scales known to professionals globally for their superior quality, reflecting Adam's steadfast commitment to both customer satisfaction and user-focused product development. Today, more than ever, customers are turning to Adam for their balance and scale needs.

The Adam brand is internationally recognised for its reliable balances and scales, backed by responsive support and sales. Since the Company was founded in the United Kingdom more than three decades ago, Adam has strategically established a carefully designed network of offices throughout the world and this ensures that a high level level of service is provided to all of its customers, wherever they are.

Adam's corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom continues to guide the global organisation, ensuring that Adam's high standards are maintained at all of its locations. Adam's offices in South Africa, the United States and Australia all are on growth tracks within their respective markets and the recently opened, state-of-the-art manufacturing base in China strengthens the Company's global reach.

Customer requirements are the ultimate driving force behind each new product development and Adam's products boast the very latest in technology and user-friendly features. Adam serves the laboratory, education, industrial, retail and medical markets around the world with a wide range of quality balances and scales. Biochemists in pharmaceutical labs, geologists in the field, teachers in the classroom and industrial workers on the assembly line are among the professionals that count on Adam's products to quickly, easily and reliably meet their specific application needs.

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