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Baileigh PR-409 Plate Roll

Plate Roll PR-409

Made in Taiwan

The PR-409 single pinch hydraulic plate roll from Baileigh Industrial is a great roll former that can form 9 gauge mild steel to a 7 inch ring on its full length of 4ft.  The PR-409 is operated entirely by an industrial grade hydraulic system.  A 2 hp 220 volt three phase motor controls the system which runs the movement of the back roll as well as the rolling of all three forming rolls.

Since all three rolls are driven, this cuts down on forming time that the operator has to spend on each job.  The operation of the PR-409 hydraulic plate roll is all done on a convenient foot pedestal.  Once the pinch is set the foot pedal contains forward and reverse pedal as well as buttons to control the up and down movement of the back roll.  A digital readout is also provided to identify the position of the back roll as well.  If you have projects that need to form cones, the PR-409 has an optional coning attachment available.  For safety, the PR-409 has emergency stop cable on the front and back of the machine.

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Model PR-409
Roll Speed 5.85 rpm.
Upper Roll Dia. 4.75 inch
Roll Adjustment Back Hydraulic
Minimum Forming Dia 7.125 inch
Motor 2 hp
Capacity (Mild Steel) 9 ga. (.150 inch)
Digital Position Readout Yes
Forming Width 48 inch
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 3,740 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 81 x 30 x 50 inch


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