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Bomag Reversible Vibratory Plates BPH80/


Benefits at a glance

  • Standard umbilical remote operation allows operator to remain safely out of the trench.
  • Optional cable/radio remote provides additional working range.
  • Hydraulic travel and vibration control system provides responsive steering capabilities.
  • Standard wear extension plates increase working widths and add versatility.
  • Low center of gravity and operating height enhance stability and allow operation in reduced-ceiling and confined environments.
  • Heavy-duty steel hood protects against on-site conditions and transport hazards.
  • Single, balanced lifting point provides simple loading and unloading.
  • Lockable engine cover and dashboard discourage vandalism.

Fields of application

  • Compaction of granular and mixed soils
  • Backfilling trenches
  • Compaction of backfill around pipelines
  • Asphalt compaction



  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Diesel engine with low oil level automatic shutdown
  • Electric start
  • Wear resistant base plate with reinforced edges
  • Fully covered engine and component protection hoods made of high strength steel
  • Lockable engine cover and dashboard
  • Multi-functional, foldable style lifting point
  • Cable remote control
  • Easy service concept
  • Diagnostic module with failure codes


Model BPH80/65S
Basic Weight lbs (kg) 1627 (738)
Operating Weight (W) lbs (kg) 1570 (712)
Operating Weight (W1) lbs (kg) 1638 (743)
Surface load (W)  lb/in2 (kg/m2) 3.12 (2190)
Surface load (W1) lb/in2 (kg/m2) 2.64 (1858)
Working speed max. ft / min (m / min) 92 (28)
Max. gradeability percent 30
Engine manufacturer Hatz
Type 1D 90 W
Cooling Air
Number of cylinders 1
Performance ISO 9249 hp (kW) 15.2 (11.3)
Speed rpm 3000
Drive system hydrostatic
Fuel Diesel
Frequency vpm (Hz) 3300 (55)
Centrifugal force lbs (kN) 18000 (80)
Fuel gal (l) 2.6 (10)
Hydraulic gal (l) 6.6 (25)
Technical modifi cations reserved. Machines may be shown with options.


Dimensions in inches (mm) H L L1 W W1
BPH80/65S 30.9 (785) 42.5 (1080) 42.8 (1088) 25.6 (650) 31.5 (800)


Models and Accessories
BPH80/65SD/E BPH80/65SD/E 40in, 5291lbs, 5175 / 8550 lbs (Diesel) 32in, 1638lbs, 18000lbs (Diesel/E-Start/C-Remote)


Mfg. item #: BPH80/65SD/E
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