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ChemGrout CG-050M Manual Pump

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CG-050M Manual Grout Pump
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The ChemGrout model CG-050M is a portable, skid mounted, hand operated grout pump.  The lightweight aluminum design makes this grout pump perfect for smaller jobs.  This unit features a 5 gallon holding hopper and a piston pump. The holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the pump for a continuous pumping operation. The grout pump is a 2" positive displacement manually powered pulsating piston pump. The system disassembles without any tools for a fast and efficient cleaning.  The pump comes complete and ready to use with a free 12.5 foot grout hose and a set of spare piston cups.

Applications include:  marine/underwater, door frames, window frames, hollow metal filling, precast, machine base, under sealing, slab raising, and well encasements.

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Applications include:

  • Marine/Underwater
  • Door Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Hollow Metal Filling
  • Precast
  • Machine Base
  • Under Sealing
  • Slab Raising
  • Well Encasements

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Model CG050M
Piston Pump Model 2" Piston Pump
Hopper 5 gallon
Max. Output
2-3 GPM
Max Pressure 200 PSI
44" x 11" x 31" (LxWxH)
Weoght 52 lbs


Hand Grout Mixer
Hand Grout Mixer

This hand held, electric powered grout mixer is the perfect complement to the CG050M and CG050 grout pumps.  The high performance, variable speed drive utilizes a powerful heavy-duty 1 HP motor and operates on 110-120 volts, blending batches of up to 8 gallons.   An extended shaft and ergonomic grip allows the operator to stand upright, minimizing back strain during mixing. 

Mixing Applications include:  Non-shrink grouts, self-leveling underlayments, bentonites and most prepackaged grout mixes.


Model #
Mix Volume RPM's
Max. HP
110-120 V Electric
1-8 gallons
1 HP
 Model Number
Description / Requirements
CG-HandMixer Portable, Electric Grout Mixer 
Requires 110V, 7.2 Amps, Single Phase Electricity
18" L X 9" W X 38" H
12 lb.


Chem Grout - Grout Hand Pump
CG050M Model 050M  -  Grout Hand Pump 2-3 GPM, 225 PSI
03CX10MIXER Hand Help Electric Grout Mixer 110v
48D1X18X1 Drice Packer 1" Hose Fitting
Hand Mixer Grout Hose Drive Packer
Hand Mixer
Grout Hose
Drive Packer



Mfg. item #: 03CX10MIXER
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Mfg. item #: 48D1X18X1
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