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The Smart Farmer 3-Point Cement Mixer

3-Point Cement Mixer, with hydraulic cylinder and PTO shaft, 2-piece steel drum construction with internal paddles for uniform mixing and clean dumping.  Compact, trouble-free, long life design with few moving parts. Hydraulic top link cylinder provides positive dump control. Also great for mixing feed, fertilizer, inoculating seed, potting soil and other mixing jobs. Roller chain drives mixing drum. Adjustable Cat. I hitch for easy hook-up to most tractors. Sealed ball bearings. Concrete mixer is a new idea for an item that can be used for various employments: concrete preparation fodder mixing vegetables and dried fruits washing. The main characteristics are the following: - The mixer cone is made of 3 mm steel sheet without any welded joints, bolted together, allowing spaces reduction and the possibility of substituting the most exposed parts to wear - Frame designed o be attached to all types of tractor - Chain transmission drive system, with a 10:1 reduction ratio, is protected by a steel housing with an easy access for the maintenance - Loading and unloading operations are facilitated by the large mouth of the front hopper and also by the simplicity of the hydraulic cylinder - The machine is painted with a high quality epoxy varnish with successive backing at 150°c ensuring maximum protective life and less wear problems. Contact for shipping qoute

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