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Baileigh Hydraulic Tube & Pipe Benders

Baileigh's hydraulic tube benders consists of an array of models that are perfect for bending roll cages, auto and bike chassis, hand railing, steam pipe, and much more. All of these hydraulic tube benders are made in the United States of America using heavy steel plate, industrial grade hydraulics, and superior but simple designs offering the metal fabricator the highest quality bends on the market for a reasonable investment that will last decades.

The RDB-125 hydraulic tube bender is a perfect bending machine for the small fabricator of racing chassis, as well as for small general fabrication shops. This pipe bender allows the fabricator to simply place the tubing or pipe in the machine and commence bending by simply stepping on the forward button. When the hydraulic tube bender gets to the end of the cylinder stroke you simply step on the reverse button until your home again. This tube bender machine is capable of bending up to 180 degrees plus spring back. The RDB-125 pipe bender uses very powerful industrial grade hydraulics that is very fast and safe to operate. A very large degree dial lets the operator know what the bend angle is. This tube bending machine has a 2" chromoly tube capacity and requires just 110 volt electrical service to operate.

The RDB-150 tube bending machine is a powerful yet portable bending machine capable of bends up to 2-1/2" tubing, 2" Schedule 40 Pipe, and 2" Square. This tubing bender requires just 110 volts so it can be operated almost anywhere in a fabrication shop or on a job site. The standard RDB-150 pipe bender has a very large degree dial to aid with the proper degree angle. The RDB-150AS hydraulic pipe bender comes with the same dial for manual bending, but also comes with an auto-stop feature that allows the operator to program in a bend incase a large run of the same angle needs to be bent. These two versions of tubing benders are capable of an 8" CLR depending on the OD of the material.

The RDB-175 hydraulic pipe bender is an advanced version of the RDB-150 series. It is has a maximum speed of 12 seconds to do a 180 degree bend depending on the OD, wall thickness, and type of material being bent. This hydraulic pipe bender uses 110 volts and is portable for use in a any fabrication shop or job site. The RDB-175 pipe bender has a patented counter die adjustment allowing for fine tuning that really is a benefit with certain materials or applications. This benders capacity is up to 2-1/2" OD tubing, 2" square tube, and 2" Schedule 40 pipe. The RDDB-175 has foot pedal controls that allows the operator to bend hands free.

The RDB-500 hydraulic pipe bender has a massive capacity of 3-1/2" round tubing, 3" square, and 3" Schedule 40 pipe. This is a programmable tube bending machine that is perfect for shipyards, military applications, or fabrication shops that bend gas pump guards or other large diameter parts. It requires 220 volts, single phase and even though it weighs over 1200 lbs, it is still portable.

Baileigh's hydraulic tube bender machines are one of the most popular selling tube benders in North America and Europe.

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