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Dake Coldsaws


DAKE Cold Saws

 Supercut Series Coldsaws Technics 350 Cold Saw EuroMatic 370S ColdSaw EuroMatic 370PP Coldsaw

Superior performance backed by superior warranty
Dake circular cold saws feature a rugged construction that's designed specifically to reduce chatter and wear to give you a superior cut. What's more, we stand behind our saws with a full one-year warranty on the machine and on electrical components as well.

What's outside counts, but what's inside counts more
All Dake cold saws feature hand-finished castings on the outside for a better appearance. But the real story is the heavy-duty spindle and gearbox assembly on the inside. It's designed to withstand years of performance without trouble, without breakdown.

Standard equipment provides special advantages
With some cold saw manufacturers, standard equipment is the cold saw…period. With Dake you get the cold saw…plus a blade, a tool kit for changing blades, coolant, pedestal base, an adjustable positive stop, an instruction/service manual and a saw blade selector calculator. All at no extra cost


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