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Everett Dry Cut Saws


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Wet Cutting Saws:  26" Wet Abrasive Oscillating Cutoff Machines

COMPLETE with 30 or 40 HP TEFC motor, magnetic starter with 110 volt at the pushbuttons, oscillation, air operated “V” shaped chain hold-down vise, coolant tray, settling tank and pump

Exclusive vibra-action oscillation moves the wheel back and forth while cut is being made. This reduces the area of contact between the wheel and material, resulting in improved quality of cut, less heat build up, less burr and increased wheel life.

Capacity: 5" solids. Most 7" Shapes

Typical wet cutting saw speeds are 30 seconds per square inch of material based on application.

26" Wet Oscillating Abrasive Cutoff Catalog Page

30 HP Models   40 HP Models
OSC (Oscillation—Standard)   OSC (Oscillation—Standard)
OSC PH (Power Head)   OSC PH (Power Head)
OSC PH WWC (Wheel Wear Compensator)   OSC PH WWC (Wheel Wear Compensator

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