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HTW Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper

HTW Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper

The HTW Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper for the hire and rental, contractor and professional decorating markets is the safest and easiest to use steam wallpaper stripper available today. Robust and simple to service, the HTW features a unique anti-scald system and steam tank life-time guarantee


The HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper designed for the tool rental and professional decorating markets, is the most productive, safest and easiest to use steam wallpaper stripper.

The HTW produces steam at just the right pressure and temperature for fast effective stripping with the minimum of condensation. This critical design feature reduces the risk of over-wetting wallboard or the plaster surface of the wall being stripped, and keeps the working environment comfortable.

A unique, two-stage anti-scald system prevents the sudden escape of hot steam and water should the user tamper with the steam cap when the steamer is in use.

Simply fill with hot or cold tap water and connect to the power supply. The HTW-5 will steam-up in 10 to 25 minutes and continue to run for up to an hour and a half before switching off automatically when a low water level is reached.

The user then simply disconnects the HTW from the power supply, waits 2 minutes to allow the steamer to cool, and then refills. This eliminates the need for the user to remember to constantly check the water level and removes the need for troublesome switches, buzzers or sight glasses. Even if the HTW is left connected to the power supply with a low water level it will safely switch on and off as the heating element cools down and heats up.

The hot steam tank, made from marine grade alloy that will not rust, is fully shielded from the user while four castors provide excellent mobility. These features make the HTW easy to move around the work site without the risk of picking up the steam stripper when it is in operation or when the tank is still hot after use.

Completely self contained with no loose parts, the HTW will remove vinyl, foil, flock, woodchip and multi-layered papers, including painted-over wallpaper, with ease. The HTW is even effective on non-paper based wall coverings such as hessian fixed with UPVA glues.

  • Simply plug and strip with thermal cut-out.
  • Anti scald system.
  • Stainless steel heater element.
  • Completely self contained.
  • Covered steam tank.
  • 4 castors for easy mobility.
  • Marine alloy steam tank.
  • 2 year warranty.

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Key Design Features

  1. Stainless steel, light weight steam plate 207mm (8 ¼") x 427mm (16 ¾"). The HTW's steam plate design directs steam towards the wall surface and creates even distribution of steam over the whole of the steam plate area.
  2. Ergonomic handle design allows easy handling of the steam plate as it is moved across the wall surface.
  3. 360 degrees swivels at steam plate and steam tank steam hose ends, minimises strain on steam plate and hose and reduces user fatigue.
  4. 4m (13'3") steam hose, light weight and durable.
  5. Steam plate rails and machine body provide storage of power cable and steam hose in one integrated design eliminating the risk of parts being lost.
  6. Steam stripper body covers steam tank preventing accidental contact with hot tank surface.
  7. Thermal cut-out operates at low water level, eliminating the need for the user to manage the water level.
  8. Nickel-plated heating element specially designed for the demands of steam wallpaper stripping. Design allows two thirds of the element to remain covered in water when low water is reached and the thermal cut-out operates.
  9. Marine alloy steam tank guaranteed for life.
  10. Castors allow steam stripper to be moved easily and safely around the work site.
  11. Graphical user instructions provide clear and easily understood instructions for any language.
  12. Easy glide steam plate rails for steam plate storage.
  13. Anti-scald system prevents the sudden escape of steam and hot water due to operator misuse.


HireTech Wallpaper Professional Wall Paper Striper
7181 Steam Wallpaper Stripper Model, 110V
Hiretech HTP Wallpaper Perforator Hiretech HTP Wallpaper Perforator

HTP Heavy Duty Wallpaper Perforator

The HTP is a high quality hand tool designed to quickly and safely perforate all types of wall covering to speed the penetration of steam for fast, effective wallpaper stripping. The HTP is the perfect partner to the HTW Steam Team Wallpaper Stripper.  


The unique 'V' shape perforating head and spiral pin pattern perforates all types of wall coverings without damaging the underlying wall surface.
The configuration of the perforating head with 56 hardened steel pins per roller, cuts 'V' shaped perforations into the wall covering as it is rolled across the surface maximizing the penetration of steam and stripping solutions. The design effectively 'grabs' the wall covering without the need for the user to apply excessive pressure for the perforator pins to penetrate the wall surface. Safe to use on all wall types including plaster, plaster board and drywall linings.

Use on all types of wall covering including vinyl, foil, flock, woodchip and multi-layered papers, including painted-over wallpaper. Effectively perforate wall coverings prior to stripping with the HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper or stripping solution.

The HTP features a soft feel handle grip that minimizes fatigue over prolonged periods of use, and the perforator heads come complete with protective covers. An injected molded yoke keeps the perforator head at the correct angle at all times, stopping unnecessary pressure from being applied, making the job easier and preventing damage to the underlying wall surface.

Combined, the HTW Steam Wallpaper Stripper and HTP Heavy Duty Wallpaper Perforator is the most effective and productive wallpaper stripping system available today.

 spec sheet 

HireTech Heavy Duty Wallpaper Perforator
9060 H/D Wallpaper Perforator Model HTP-2
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