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Longevity ForceCut LP-80 Plasma Cutter

LONGEVITY ForceCut LP-80 High Frequency Plasma Cutter!

Series 80AMP Plasma Cutter For Cutting up to 1.5 inch thick steel. Compares and surpasses the leading brands. This plasma cutter is designed to cut through heavy gauge metal material. This plasma cutter will cut all metal materials including copper, stainless steel and aluminum! This plasma cutter is adjustable from 20-80 amps making it a very versatile plasma cutter capable of cutting thin material as well as thick! This is the most portable and capable plasma cutter out of any other plasma cutter on the market for its retail price! This plasma cutter comes with most of the components needed for a complete set up including an Air Regulator/ Water separator! Your plasma cutter will be backed by an extensive top rated warranty for 5 years that covers parts and labor for this plasma cutter. This plasma cutter also comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee! please check out some of our multi-purpose machines if you are interested in a TIG welder as well with your plasma cutter for a very affordable price!

Whats Included:

  • Main Unit
  • Cutting Torch
  • Earth Clamp
  • Air Regulator with Bracket
  • Air Hose
  • Consumables: 3 piece tips, 3 piece electrodes, 3 piece shield cups

Toshiba MOSFET Technology


Operating Voltage:

208/220vac 50/60HZ Input Single Phase 1PH
80amp cut draws 38Amps
40amp cut draws 20Amps
230V No Load Voltage,
Cutting Specs:
3 inch Per minute at 1.75 inch Steel (Severance Cut)
7 inch Per minute at 1.25 inch Thick Steel
17 inch Per minute at 1.0 inch Thick Steel

This unit will cut up to 3/4 inch aluminum.
High Frequency and Contact Start:
High Frequency DC Plasma cuts thicker materials than standard DC plasma cutters. This 80amp Plasma Cutter is one of our most sold cutters. It is very powerful while maintaining a portable appearance! High Frequency Plasma cuts faster with less distortion in your metal.
Power Specs:
Power Factor 0.93
100 percent Duty cycle (cut time) at 60amp cut
60 percent Duty cycle at 80amp cut setting
Air requirements: 70psi at 4cfm
Dual Internal High Speed Cooling Fans to Regulate Temperature and cool your unit
Has built in Thermal and Overload Protection
Weight: 45LBS (48LBS Boxed)
Dimensions: 18 inch Length X 11 inch High X 8 inch Wide
Models and Accessories
WH-ES Welding Helmet  (Elite Series)
WH-PW-EWH PowerView Elite  Welding Helmet


Mfg. item #: WH-ES
FREE motor freight to commercial address or terminal pickup in lower 48 states. Residential or Export Orders call 800-458-3687.11

PowerViewElite WeldingHelmet
Mfg. item #: WH-PW-EWH
FREE motor freight to commercial address or terminal pickup in lower 48 states. Residential or Export Orders call 800-458-3687.11

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