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Longevity StickWeld 315

StickWeld 315 Is the most powerful LONGEVITY arc welder on the market! This IGBT arc welder is a true plug and play machine! Requiring only a single phase 220V power supply, you are able to run this welder on most household outlets. This arc welder requires no gas! This machine comes with an adjustable welding amperage current that ranges from 20amps to 315amps! This gives you the ability to weld everything from thin sheet metal to more than 3/4 inch thick steel! Inverter technology is the lightest and most portable welding technology on the planet!


What is Included?

  • Main Unit
  • Stick Holder (10ft.)
  • Earth Clamp (10ft.)

Operating Voltage:
208/220vac 50/60HZ Input 3-Phase 3PH
Welder Specs:

  • 315 Amp Arc Welder: Duty Cycle 60% at 315 Amps / 100% duty cycle at 275amps
  • DC welders do not weld aluminum.
High Frequency and Contact Start:
 High Frequency - included
Internal High Speed Cooling Fan to Regulate Temperature. Unit has built in Thermal and Overload Protection
Weight: 40Lbs(43LBS Boxed)

Dimensions:  16" L x 8" W x 15" H

Lexan Chip Deflector

Lexan® Chip Deflector

The Easy Rougher is capable of plunge cuts similar to using a giant parting tool. This type of cut sends massive amounts of material straight back at the operator. You will not regret having this deflector in place for those cuts.

  • Not a substitute for proper eye protection.
  • Deflector was designed to be looked over rather than through.
  • The Easy Rougher tools produce large volumes of shavings like no other tool you have ever experienced.
  • Available in two sizes - See purchase page for available sizes.


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