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M and B Mag BB-40-LS Low Slump Aluminum

Aluminum bucket


Pour more concrete at each crane cycle. A lightweight aluminum bucket cuts dead weight and allows you to lift more concrete payload.

Designed by engineers and bucket experts to provide:

  • 3:1 U.S.E.D. or 70 degree minimum slope specified by U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers.
  • Stability and structural strength exceeding industry standards.
  • Large round discharge prevents segregation and provides smooth concrete placement.
  • Superior, concrete tight, clamshell gate.
  • Reliable and easily maintained steel gate-opening mechanism.
Standard Low Slump Aluminum Concrete Buckets
Model Capacity Loading
yd3 m3 A (in) B (in) C (in)  D (in) pounds kg
BB-10-LS 1 0.8 61 106 49 16 300 135
BB-20-LS 2 1.5 69 130 64 20 430 195
BB-30-LS 3 2.4 83 152 75 20 610 280
BB-40-LS 4 3.1 92 161 75 20 650 300
Each bucket is complete with wire rope sling. Bucket weight includes wire rope sling.
We reserve the right to make specification, equipment and price changes without notice.
Accessories for Upright Aluminum Buckets (optional)
Bucket Model Side Chute Rubber Sub Hopper Lifting Bale Forklift Attachment Top Ring Addition Rubber Gate Seal Plastic Cone Liner Air Operation System
BB-10-LS s-h alt HR-2608, HR-2612 s-h alt s-h alt A-100 GSR-115 s-h alt s-h alt
BB-20-LS D-200 HR-2608, HR-2612 s-h alt s-h alt A-101 GSR-115 s-h alt s-h alt
BB-30-LS D-201 HR-3212 s-h alt s-h alt A-103 GSR-250 s-h alt s-h alt
BB-40-LS D-201 HR-3212 s-h alt s-h alt A-104 GSR-250 s-h alt s-h alt
Some accessories, such as: side chutes, rubber sub hoppers, top ring additions, and rubber gate seals are available for both new and used buckets. Sign s-h alt shows that the accessory is available for the new bucket only at the time of order as the bucket may require certain modification to accept the accessory. Sign s-h alt shows that the accessory is not available for the bucket.

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