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M and B Mag Lifting Bales - Fixed Steel

lifting bales lifting bales


Our Lifting Bale is an optional suspension accessory.

  • Provides lower overall (under the hook) height of the bucket
  • Available at the time of order.
Lifting Bales
Bucket Models Dimensions, in
BB-5FB, BB-7FB, SBB-5FB, SBB-7FB 11-3/4 5-3/4 7/8
BB-10FB, BB-12FB, BB-15FB, SBB-10FB, SBB-12FB, SBB-15FB 14-1/2 5-3/4 1
BB-20FB, BB-25FB, BB-30FB, SBB-20FB, SBB-25FB, SBB-30FB 18-1/4 8 1-1/4
We reserve the right to make specification, equipment and price changes without notice.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a bucket with lifting bale - add FB to the bucket model. For example, a 2 yd3 upright aluminum bucket with lifting bale is BB-20FB.

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