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MultiQuip Concrete Vibrators

Flex-shaft Concrete Vibrators

Multiquip flex-shaft concrete vibrators are designed to work in medium to high-slump concrete. Typical applications include small pours, slabs driveways, stem walls and footings. Our complete product line-up enables you to build the ideal vibrator assembly for your application.

Electric-Powered Flex-Shaft Drive Motors
Heavy-duty performance from a lightweight, compact package. Available in 1, 2 and 3 HP configurations.

Gasoline-Powered Flex-Shaft Drive Motors
4-cycle gasoline powered backpack vibrator motors provide optimum mobility on the jobsite. A swivel mount stationary motor is available for remote job sites

MGX-Series Hand-Held Concrete Vibrators
Ideal for short pours, walls, footings, the MGX series handheld vibrators provide exceptional power in a lightweight, userfriendly package

MGX-Series Vibrator Power Sources
Ideal for short pours, walls and footings, the MGX-series of handheld vibrators provide exceptional power in a lightweight, user-friendly package.

MGX-Series Vibrator Shafts and Heads
Multiquip offers a complete selection of head/shaft combinations to meet all your requirements. Choose from 0.9 to 1.5 inch steel vibrator heads and shafts up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) long.
High-Cycle Vibrators
Multiquips High-Cycle Vibrators are designed for use in low slump concrete where consistent power is needed to liquefy and move a stiff mix into corners and around rebar, or for any job where extended length vibrators are required.

High-Cycle Portable Generators
The industry's only generator that produces both 180Hz power for high-cycle concrete vibrators and 60Hz power for standard power tools. This versatile power source helps concrete contractors maximize equipment utilization.

High-Cycle Concrete Vibrators
Motor-in-head vibrators use 180-Hz, 230-volt 3-phase power. Productivity is maximized due to high-centrifugal force and high frequency.

Micon High-Cycle Vibrators

The first with computer-controlled concrete vibrators. Multiquips Computer-Controlled Micon Concrete Vibrators are perfect for zero slump concrete applications, providing a higher level of consistent frequency than any other vibrator on the market today.

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