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Mi-T-M Simplex Base Mounted Air compress

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This revolutionary, 6-stage portable turbine spraying system is the only turbine ever to achieve full HVLP capability.  It combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible.  CAPSPRAY 115 will apply nearly all fine finish coatings with little to no reduction.


  • Delivers the most power atomization in the industry
  • Wider fan patterns with speed and control to finish surfaces cleanly and perfectly the first time
  • Dual air filtration with an automotive type air filter with a pre filter on the atomizing side
  • Tool box for needles, nozzles, check valve and nozzle wrench
  • Built in cup and gun holder
  • Dirty filter warning light
  • High and low speed settings for 4-stage performance or 6-stage performance
  • A wide range of needle and nozzle offerings to apply everything from stains and varnishes to latex and texture finishes
  • Comes with a #4 and #5 Proset
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