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MultiQuip EGC-2000C Containerized Genera

Containerized Generator


Containerized Generator

Multiquip's MQ Power Containerized Generators are engineered and built with impeccable quality. Whether its one of our standard designs or a customized package, Multiquip provides the solution you need.

At 2000 kW standby rating and 1825 kW prime rating, the EGC-2000C provides the highest output performance of all MQ Power generators.  It provides excellent steady-state voltage regulation of 0.25 percent , no load to full load.  The generator is enclosed in a sound attenuated 45-foot container that includes a 1600 gallon, single wall fuel tank.  A digital control panel provides the operator with clear, concise information on the generator's performance and includes a mainline circuit breaker, safety shutdowns and much more. The generator is powered by a turbocharged and aftercooled engine that meets EPA Tier 2 emissions standards.


Model EGC-2000C
Prime Rating 1800 kW
Standby Rating 2000 kW
Generator RPM 1800
Voltage - Three Phase 277/480 V
Generator Design Revolving field, Self-Ventilated, Drip-Proof, Single Bearing, Synchronous
Voltage Regulation 0.25
Power Factor .8
Armature Connection WYE Connection
Excitation Brushless with PMG/AVR
No. Poles 4-pole
Frequency 60 Hz
Insulation Class H
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