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National Sheet Metal Bench Brakes

Lifetime Warranty

Bench brakes

Made in The USA

48in x 16 Ga

Lifetime Warranty

Box and Pan Brakes

Made in the USA
48in and 72in x 12 Ga
72in and 96in x 16 Ga

Lifetime Warranty

Heavy Duty box and pan brakes
Made in the USA
48in and 72in X 12 Ga
96in x 14 Ga
120in x 16 Ga

Lifetime Warranty

STRAIGHT BLADE hand brakes

48in and 72in X 12 Ga
96in and 120in x 14 Ga
96in and 120in x 16 Ga
144in x 18 Ga

National Sheet Metal Machine Inc. is a family owned business in Smartt, Tennessee. We have been in business for 35 years as the number one shear and brake manufacturer in North America. Developing and manufacturing the most dependable products on the market has been our goal since 1977. Since we began with one machine, the U4816 hand brake, National has grown to produce a line of thirty quality machines.

Our customers can rely on our machines to be of superior quality that is unprecedented in today's market. We have replacement parts in stock to minimize your company's down time. Our qualified staff is always there to assist you. We have a network of distributors and manufacturer's reps across the USA that are readily available in your area. All products at National meet strict company and OSHA standards.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. I personally guarantee each and every machine we make. So give National a try and give your company the best quality sheet metal machines available today.

- Jim Smith,
Pres. and CEO

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